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The Market

Cryptocurrency and NFT markets have expanded at unprecedented rates over the past few years.

NFTs enable real ownership of digital goods that are legally, and seamlessly transferable. We're building a future where our digital identities will hold as much value as our current identities in the physical world.

Consultancy & Development

The Metaweb suite of tools for NFT projects

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Ideation and Creation

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Art Creation and Generation

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Our Focus Is On NFTs

MetaWeb is at the forefront of the web 3.0 revolution, by focusing on being early to identify major shifts in narratives within the NFT markets and their applications. The team evaluates and creates NFT projects using the following main criteria.

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We are currently focused on Game Finance (GameFi) and applications in the Metaverse as these have strong communities, create outstanding art pieces, and have displayed the strongest use cases for NFTs.


3 Reasons to invest in crypto

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Crypto is the future: here's why

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NFTs Take Off

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Our Partners

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Our Team

Zach Landau

Zach Landau is a lifelong entrepreneur with experience creating brands in the goods and services industry. His focus is on NFT applications and narrative shifts within the industry, as well as building a strong network of communities and partners in the sector.

His NFT analysis excels on ETH, SOL, and VeVe (IMX), and is ever growing and adapting to the quickly changing NFT market.

Humza Ahmad

Humza Ahmad has used his evaluation skills to identify and accumulate a highly successful Crypto and NFT portfolio in 2021.

His complex understanding of the intricacies of NFT communities allows him to notice trends early to generate outsized returns. He is a graduate of Western University in Economics & Business.

Leo Dinolfo

Leo Dinolfo spent four years in commercial and investment banking with TD Canada Trust. While at Queen’s University he immersed himself in the Cryptocurrency space into which he entered full time after graduating.

Leo has an innate understanding of chart analysis and money flows and has a track record of identifying early Web3 projects such as the Sandbox, which he invested in at $0.05.

Jaspreet Singh
Investment Manager

A former Forex trader, Jaspreet Singh has been investing in cryptocurrency since 2017, identifying two of the current top 25 coins in their infancy (SOL & LUNA).

He was early to SOL projects like “Solana Monkey Business” and his expertise expands to DeFi, P2E, and Yield farming. His track record also includes recognizing one of the top performing micro-cap altcoins in DeFi Kingdoms in 2021.

John McMahon

Mr. John McMahon has held a number of senior banking roles within the investment industry and is currently Managing Partner of Thought Launch Capital & Advisory and CEO of Prophecy DeFi.

Prior to this role, he served as Vice Chairman and Head of Investment Banking for Mackie Research Capital Corporation and, subsequently, Managing Director of Investment Banking for Industrial Alliance Securities.

Ben Tran
Strategic Advisor

Ben Tran has close to 20 years of experience as a senior sales and marketing manager. Since discovering the business potential of blockchain technology in 2015, Ben has worked with some of the industry's brightest minds to provide marketing solutions and broker funding for innovators.

He helped to launch the Cirus Foundation, an innovative information monetization business that harnesses the power of NFTs and blockchain technology.

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